Fall 2017:
  • Politics of Development in Africa (Gov 94PI)
    • Advanced undergraduate seminar (Syllabus)
  • Research Workshop in Political Economy (Gov 3007A)
    • Graduate research workshop, co-taught with Profs. Torben Iversen and Robert Bates
As Teaching Fellow:
  • African Politics, Undergraduate Course, Prof. Kate Baldwin, Yale University, Fall 2014
  • Fundamentals of Modeling II (Game Theory), Graduate Course, Prof. Seok-ju Cho, Yale University, Spring 2013
  • Introduction to Statistics, Graduate Course, Prof. Daniel Butler, Yale University, Fall 2012
  • Advanced Economic Analysis (Macro), Graduate Course, Prof. Helios Herrera, Columbia University, Spring 2007
  • Demographics & Social Structure, Undergraduate Course, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Beck, University of Munich, 2005.
Workshop Instructor for the Yale University Statistics Lab:
  • LaTeX, Spring 2013
  • Survey Design, Fall 2012.